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Past AWA Discussions from Facebook

posted Oct 15, 2011 14:08:22 by AWA
In this post, I thought it'll be good to share some of the discussions from AWA's past Facebook page (it's an old group that was created before the one we are currently using).

Discussion "We've Got Issues"

Lee Vang
This forum was so great! It opened my eyes up to many faulty issues on campus that I do not personally face. I have to say that I have not experienced anything near to what others have, but that doesn't mean it won't happen to me. It was certainly eye opening and informational! Everyone look for part II of "WE'VE GOT ISSUES" second semester and would suggest everyone to at least drop in.

Yengmy Thao
hey ladies-- i want to say, on behalf of WOC to AWA for supporting us. all your presence there meant A LOT. and thanks so much to the ladies who shared their issues. cause' you know, we all got em'. BUT WE STILL GOT ISSUES potluck will be on Thursday, Dec 15, at 6pm. location still needs to be figured out. but look for flyers. they'll out BE this week without location announcement. but again, i ask, for y'all to SPREAD THE WORD. WE STILL GOT ISSUES!

Yengmy Thao


Discussion "Changing the Group Name"

Lee Vang
Hey I'm requesting to change the group name to AWA-2, so we do not steal the 'AWA' name (kinda, sorta like stealing it without asking). Hope that is okay with everyone.

Pang Moua
why not just spell it out completely?

Lee Vang
It's too long....Asian Women's Association...but not a bad idea...I've never really liked my three letter name :/

Discussion "wayyyzaaaaaaaa!"

Thoa Hoang
haha that's my little way of saying hi..anywho so members..what's new with AWA...anybody want to update me?..I haven't been at the meetings..I'm bad..I know...alright if anyone see me around campus..feel free to say hiii! peace outside. ;)

Lee Vang
Thoa - Not much is going on with AWA at the moment. AWA is busy planning a benefit dance (half of proceeds will go to Hurricain Katrina and half will go to TCAR). We are planning an I.C.E Open Mic again (hopefully everything will go alright). There is actually a lot going with AWA...sorry. Ummm....oh yeah, I'm still planning a study group type thing...I think I will have those days on Wednesdays...not yet set the dates's tenitive! I want to encourage studying and also it'll encourage me to study as well. Toodles.

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"These gestures do not decide the content of our hearts; it is the content of our hearts that finds expression through our actions."- The Twelve Kingdoms: Skies of Dawn, Fuyumi Ono
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AWA said Oct 15, 2011 14:18:40
About the "We've got Issues" forum, you must know that the event occurred sometime between 10 to 6 years ago. I'm unsure of the actual year, but I can probably go around and ask staff members.

St. Kate's is trying to resolve this issue of racial discrimination, but we must always remember that racism is real and still alive. In one of my classes, someone called our St. Kate's community Sudo-Diversity (fake Diversity); because you can see a range of different students with ethic and economic backgrounds, but there is a lack of students wanting to emerse themselves in something different to them. Even if you bring in a large number of diverse students, it'll be pointless if the students do no interact with each other beyond school work.

...I ramble on...
---Yer M.
"These gestures do not decide the content of our hearts; it is the content of our hearts that finds expression through our actions."- The Twelve Kingdoms: Skies of Dawn, Fuyumi Ono
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