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The Article: More Military Abuse in Afghanistan, Another Suicide

posted Oct 15, 2011 15:00:53 by AWA
Sometimes I feel that we are lacking knowledge or awareness. There's a reason the forums were created, and perhaps it will just be me for a while...talking and debating against myself.

Click on the link and read BOTH the article and COMMENTS. Both contain interesting knowledge and reading the different opinions is good food for thought. After that read the article I've copied and pasted. Leave a post on your thoughts.

More Military Abuse in Afghanistan, Another Suicide

This below article is from WSJ

Army Probes Events Behind Soldier Death

Army investigators are probing the circumstances behind the suspected suicide of a 19-year-old soldier from Chinatown who may have been harassed and beaten by his fellow soldiers before his death.

Associated Press

Pvt. Danny Chen, undated photo.

Pvt. Danny Chen had been in Afghanistan for two months when he was found dead with a gunshot wound below his chin on Oct. 3. He was discovered in the living quarters of a forward operating base in the Kandahar province, said Christopher Grey, a spokesman for the Army's Criminal Investigation Command.

His parents, Yan Toa and Su Zhen Chen, were told that preliminary signs suggest Mr. Chen killed himself.

But family spokesman Frank Gee said the couple were also told by Army investigators that their only child had been subjected to taunting and violence at the hands of the soldiers with whom he served.

"Before he died he was harassed, and he was dragged out of the bed and actually beaten," Mr. Gee said. "The Army volunteered that information to the family."

Mr. Gee said that a cousin of Pvt. Chen also received an email describing friction between the private and his fellow soldiers before the alleged attack. The email, from a solider who served with Pvt. Chen, described an incident in which Pvt. Chen had left a faucet running, disturbing the other soldiers in his unit.

Mr. Grey declined to provide details of Pvt. Chen's death, citing the continuing investigation.

However, he added, "aside from determining the actual cause and manner of Pvt. Chen's death, our investigation will also attempt to determine the circumstances that led up to his death. And you can rest assured we're conducting a thorough investigation."

The Army command probes all noncombat-related deaths.

Investigators have been in touch with Pvt. Chen's parents and are finalizing plans to speak to them further, Mr. Gee said. A meeting could happen as early as Wednesday.

Pvt. Chen, a 2010 graduate of Pace University High School in Manhattan, joined the Army in January and was sent to Afghanistan two months ago. If he was having troubles, he appeared to have kept it from his parents.

"Danny never mentioned anything to that effect," Mr. Gee said. "The first time his parents heard of it is after he got killed."

Pvt. Chen's parents are "devastated" and believe their son was murdered, Mr. Gee said.

Pvt. Chen had been assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment of the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team of the 25th Infantry Division based in Fort Wainwright, Alaska. His funeral is scheduled for Thursday at the Wah Wing Sang Funeral home on Mulberry Street.
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"These gestures do not decide the content of our hearts; it is the content of our hearts that finds expression through our actions."- The Twelve Kingdoms: Skies of Dawn, Fuyumi Ono
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AWA said Oct 15, 2011 15:09:28
If you don't know about the suicide of Lance Corporal Harry Lew, then click here ---> My Mom Deserves to Know the Truth
"These gestures do not decide the content of our hearts; it is the content of our hearts that finds expression through our actions."- The Twelve Kingdoms: Skies of Dawn, Fuyumi Ono
AWA said Oct 15, 2011 15:30:34
I was so surprised to hear about both of these deaths. And the comments are quite interesting.

I'm not knowledgeable about the Military, but there are things that make you wonder. Is this really a suicide, if his friends and family believe that it is not like him? But wouldn't war change a person and the environment they are in? Is the Military trying to cover their butts? Is there racism occurring (most likely)? Bullying was involved, would that include rape?

There are many factors that are excluded from reports. For example in the case of Harry Lew, he was caught sleeping 4 times at his post in Afghanistan, yet he had past his Marian Training prior to being sent there. SO what happened to cause this change? Time Difference? Or was there internal conflict within the Marines? Or perhaps, he was being mistreated and given more work load than the others within that one month period?

As you can see there are many factors involved. What I want to know is the change that occurred in Lew and what type of bullying they both received?

In both cases it is sad event on the families, with only a three month difference in deaths. This makes a person wonder if Asians are becoming targets of racism in the Army, because we look physically weak? If you've looked at their photos you will see that they both look slimmer than what you would imagine a person in the Army would. However, the US history may contain some of our answers to this level of hate.

Why don't you think about it, research some more and tell us?
"These gestures do not decide the content of our hearts; it is the content of our hearts that finds expression through our actions."- The Twelve Kingdoms: Skies of Dawn, Fuyumi Ono
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