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posted Oct 29, 2011 14:26:06 by AWA
In this post, we will be posting information about the past Board Members (BM). We will try our best to go as far back as possible; we will start with the Board of 2010-2011. Please note, any information you see in this post about past BM are copied and pasted. That means, I many not necessary know them as well as it sounds. No images are available at the moment.


Linda Lee-This is our Co-president of AWA. Here we have our loving and overly excited dictator. Who not only is passionate about activities and events, but exists upon the interest of the general members. If you have an idea, she wants to hear it. Let it be known that not only does inviting Linda to free boba tea gets you free kudos, but will release her ecstatic personality to another realm. Nevertheless do not be afraid, Linda will save the day.

Dee Lee-Here is also our AMAZING Co-president Sweet and willing, Dee loves to assist those in need. If you have a question or need assistance, Dee can lead you to the right direction. Though she has a soft voice, do not underestimate her flower power! Do not hesitate to stop her to chat up about current activities or AWA events! Regardless, Dee is the one stop pop!

TCAR/PR (Twin Cities Asian Rep and Public Relations):

Yer Moua-This is our Public Relations and Twin Cities Asian Representative. Also known as PR/TCAR. Usually funny, awkward and smiling, Yer is the person to be around! Filled with more than just a laid back personality, Yer's eye for design and order still keeps her business tight. If you have interest in other activities and events on campus or outside, Yer is the gal to find. She'll not only update you in current events but upcoming ones as well. Her excitement to spread the word is her deal. (I don't like pictures.)

Mai Xong Vue- (No description was available, but entered as TCAR/PR during Second semester.)


Hy Xiong- I am the AWA Historian, at your service~! I manage this site and its endless context. Like all humans, I make my mistakes, let me know if something is wrong on the site. About me? I'm not really interesting nor am I really cool. People describe me as extremely outgoing, someone to laugh with...and at, plus creative and strong at heart. Nevertheless, talking about oneself sound awkward. Which IS me by the way. Don't be afraid to say hello, wave me down to enlighten you about events and get you all excited about our AWA family. (Resigned after the first semester.)

Xy Xiong- (No information was found, become Historian during 2nd semester)

Youa Vue- (No information was found, become Historian during 2nd semester)


Shanna Vah- Here we have our AWA Treasurer who's shoe collection looks just as good as gold. Shanna means attentive business, and that means savvy money with shopping. She's our eye candy on board, or says other eye witnesses. O_O Though don't let her shininess blow you away. Her easy going personality and upbeat taste is not one to ignore. Like all the AWA members, she will assist to your questions and needs.(Resigned after first semester. Study aboard.)


Soua Lee- An wonderful addition to the Asian Women's Association, Soua Lee.
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